The CARDIOVASCULAR LASER SOCIETY is an association, which is non-profit-making and has the prohibition to engage in business activities or to participate in it, except those necessary for continuous training and scientific research, has the following purposes:

  • Contribute to the progress of the laser method in the cardiovascular field;
  • Contribute to the development of the cardiovascular laser method in clinical settings;
  • Contribute to the development of all laser techniques in cardiology, radiology and interventional electrophysiology and in endovascular surgery, cardiac surgery;
  • Promote scientific research on cardiovascular laser methods;
  • Promote initiatives aimed at guaranteeing the professionalism of Members and participating, as far as their competence is concerned, in health planning in Italy and abroad;
  • Promote collaborations in the health sector with the Ministries of Health of the Regions and Health Authorities, public and / or private bodies and institutions;
  • Promote study Trials and scientific research aimed at using the cardiovascular laser method;
  • Collaborate in drafting guidelines;
  • Collaborate with other scientific societies and national and international scientific bodies;
  • Organize scientific events; Undertake editorial initiatives (written, audiovisual and multimedia);
  • Training courses and improvement of professionalism, also using external consultants;
  • Improve the professional training activities of young hemodynamists, interventional radiologists, electrophysiologists, endovascular surgeons and cardiac surgeons in specialization schools, so as to provide professional attention;
  • Promote the cardiovascular laser method within the University programs of the degree courses in Medicine and Surgery with special didactic programs, training events and workshops;
  • Grant scholarships and scientific research in the aforementioned subjects.